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Serving the education sector and key corporate clients

Bespoke systems

We help schools by developing systems and software that automate and simplify various operational tasks for teachers and support staff. We look at how you run your school and the existing systems that you use and then suggest and deliver systems to improve effectiveness. People also come to us with a specific problem or an idea for something that would be really useful to them and we just build it.

The bespoke software that we provide can cover most areas of the schools operations outside of the classroom including procurement, pastoral management, facilities management, e-commerce, document management and stakeholder communications and engagement.

The great thing about bespoke software is that it is built to fit the way that your school runs. It also isn't as expensive as you might think. Additionally, if you think that the solution that we have built for you is something that other schools may be interested in then we can work with you to market it to other schools so that you can generate an income.