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Back-end systems

Are you looking for a website that:

  • really differentiates your business from the competition through the use of striking design and innovative features?
  • uses different design styles and interactive tools to provide relevant journeys and exciting experiences for each and every one of the different customer groups?
  • has password protected back-end areas containing a wide range of really useful tools and resources for customers and detailed reporting systems for your staff?
  • allows you to edit, add and remove text and images, add and remove pages and sub pages, add images, videos, slide shows and downloads, create forums, forms, surveys and media galleries and basically take complete control of the online experience?
  • allows you to conduct transactions, manage relationships and take advantage of detailed reporting and management tools?
  • links to your existing systems?
  • allows you or any member of your team to maintain and develop the site in the longer term without any specialist skills or experience?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then we can help you.

We have spent the past 3 years developing one of the most advanced Content Management Systems on the market. Our CMS platform provides businesses with a flexible, scaleable and highly innovative tool that will vastly improve your online communications.

It allows you to take real control over the development of your website after we have designed it, polished it and handed you the keys.

We can also produce e-commerce platforms, booking systems, customer account areas with segmentation and reporting systems, forums, surveys, CRM systems and anything else that helps your business to grow.