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Serving the education sector and key corporate clients

Kevin Ashbridge M.Sc.(Hons) Ph.D.

Technical Director

Kevin Ashbridge M.Sc.(Hons) Ph.D.

Kevin Ashbridge started creating websites shortly after the inception of the World Wide Web in 1991.

While working as a scientist in Basel, Switzerland, the 'web' was born just a few hours drive away at CERN in Geneva. It was the perfect tool for scientific collaboration and Kevin continued to develop his web page coding skills as the web itself evolved over the following decades.

Kevin has developed dozens of websites for science, industry and the education sector and it was a passion for communication that led him to take up a various positions in the television industry, from scriptwriter to studio producer, most recently at Sky Television in the UK.

Prior to joining Chris Wright Systems, Kevin was the editor of the Sky Travel website, responsible for doubling traffic to over 8 million visitors per year, and he brings this top-level experience to our clients.

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