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World Servers Foundation


The World Servers Foundation is an international charity based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Their vision is a world where collaboration and co-operation are recognised as essential in solving the contemporary challenges - social, economic, political and environmental - facing the global community.

The Foundation wanted a website that clearly communicates this vision whilst providing a simple and straightforward source of information for the three main areas of their work.

It was also very important that they had complete control over the website as they plan to develop it further in the future.

This website is the first of a series of websites that they have asked us to produce including an extremely innovative and complex global media platform.


Our sister company developed the Foundations corporate identity and then we provided the client with a website that clearly communicated their vision and the key areas of their work.

We decided to use the Drupal platform instead of our own content management system because they would like us to produce some very complex sites in the future which would benefit from the wide range of Drupal plugins.

In the next stage we will be providing a hybrid of the Drupal platform with our own interface functionality for the larger and more complex sites which means that the client benefits from a consistent platform base and the ease of use that comes with our own system interface.

The client is extremely pleased with their new website and is looking forward to the development of their global media platform.

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