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Bosch, Rotozip product


Bosch asked us to develop a website for their Rotozip brand as part of their sponsorship of the Force India Formula One team.

They wanted the website to engage users in a way that was relevant to the sponsorship whilst enabling them to have fun interacting with the brand. The website also needed to provide simple yet effective information about the Rotozip product.


We created a website where users could experience the thrill of the race.

Linked to in-store promotions users came to the site and were able to play games where they could race the actual tracks that were being raced that month and could enter a competition to win tickets to the following years Formula One and other prizes.

We created racing games for every single track that was being raced that year as part of the 12 month campaign and we also branded all of the signs and bridges around the track with the Rotozip brand.

Users took part in the race and their results were displayed in a league table and there was a forum where users could chat about the race and the Rotozip product.

The site also contained product information, 360 degree product rotations and video demonstrations of the product being used. All of the user data was captured throughout the process and used for future promotions.

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